Friday Night Sacred Space

Need an open heart and listening ear?

Ready to support your sisters because you’ve been there?

Bored and looking for community?

Come sit in solidarity with other women looking to find and offer support in igniting the passion of the heart, while maintaining the serenity of the soul.

Join us this evening for something a little different…

I spend many hours in my day talking about my businesses and the work I do to earn a living and I’m blessed to have a network of amazing hustlers.

But…I invite you to join me tonight to talk about YOU. Not your work, not your hustle. We can do that during business hours. Let’s get together to find and build connection on a deeper level- one of mutuality and friendship.

Friday nights have become a time of gathering as friends, collaborators and innovators building community to support each other during all parts of life.

**Registration required for capacity and event updates**