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So You’re Ready to Work, Now What?

Finding and maintaining employment is an essential part of recovery and life in the community for people with lived experience of serious mental health conditions, but those individuals face unique challenges in getting the right job and succeeding in the workplace. CAFÉ TAC’s 12-part interactive employment training series is designed to address those challenges, by equipping peers with the skills and strategies they need to find and maintain employment! This series is recovery-centered and strengths-based, examining the process of finding, applying for, and succeeding in a job through the lens of recovery, helping attendees to identify strengths and skills, align the job-seeking and employment experience with their personal recovery path, and providing opportunity for discussion in a peer-centered space. The series will be facilitated by Elise Padilla of Rebel Leadership Group, LLC, an individual with lived experience, an extensive history of working in the peer support community, and a strong understanding of recovery-oriented practices in job-seeking and employment. Each of the 12 parts in the series will include webinar to explore a specific employment-related topic and introduce a resource guide with relevant information, websites, community contacts, and best practices on that session’s topic. Topics to be addressed in the series will include: Resume Writing, Cover Letters  Skill Identification  Self-Care while Seeking Employment  The Job Search Process  Explaining Lived Experience  Interviewing  Professionalism  Communicating Effectively  Conflict Resolution Mental Health Check-Ins  Self-Care while Working It’s Not Working Out-How to Leave a Job Gracefully  Completion of the 12-part series will result in a certificate of completion that can be listed on a resume or shared with employers to show acquired knowledge in having developed the skills to obtain and maintain employment.