The NM Peer Support Coalition is a group of Certified Peer Support Workers and allies throughout New Mexico who have come together to share common experiences and work together to provide support, advocacy, and education to others in the field of peer support.


The primary goal of the  NM Peer Support Coalition is to empower NM Peer Support Workers with lived experience to help one another through sharing knowledge, experience, and practical advice. The NM Peer Support Coalition also aims to reduce stigma and increase awareness of the role of peer support in the recovery field.


The work of the NM Peer Support Coalition includes organizing events, trainings and meetings, creating an online community, offering mentoring or coaching, and advocating for policy changes that benefit the peer community. Members of NM Peer Support Coalition offer support to one another through active listening, sharing experiences, and providing emotional support.


NM Peer Support Coalition is a resource for individuals who are managing their recovery while working or volunteering in the community as Certified Peer Support Workers and will help to foster a sense of community, education and support that is be essential in balancing recovery and professional growth.

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